Non-interventionist winemaking

Follwing the principles of the most non-interventionist winemakig and combining ancestral practices with cutting-edge techniques, ENATE offers a selection of wines with a wide range of different styles: from the most flattering, versatile and easy to drink wines, to the finest, haute couture wines, some of them with an undeniable touch of exclusivity.

Art transferred to the creation of our wines

The winery is the physical bridge between the art of the vineyard and the art of man. With the ambition to create wines of the highest quality within Somontano Denomination of Origin, and show the best of this privileged land, we began our journey in 1991.

Assuming that art is the essence of ENATE’s identity, we extended this concept and transformed it into reality through the creation of our wines, combining the almost mathematical expertise of the winemaker with the improvisation of the artist from which oenology takes inspiration.

Design at the foot of the Vineyard

Design, technology and state-of-the-art techniques coexist with the utmost respect for winemaking tradition, giving rise to unique creations where the greatest expressiveness of each variety and the terroir is shown. All of our wines are designed at he foot of the vineyard, focusing on their varietal character, offering balance and elegance as a common denominator.

We don’t have magic recipes, or follow predefined patterns. The weather is always unpredictable, so we work, from the vineyard and in the winery, to adapt to the particular conditions of each year.

Committed with our environment

We feel a strong commitment towards our environment, and a firm dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility, which we have been working on sice our beginnings, as a part of ENATE’s culture and corporate philosophy. Therefore, we collaborate with different associations and foundations from all over the country, supporting multiple causes. Among these collaborations, we highlight the solidarity wines of Rotary Club from Huesca, and Rotary Club of Catelldefels, the Vino Amigo of Valentia Huesca, or the Vino de la Amistad of ATADES Zaragoza.

Outstanding in our trajectory are other cultural projects as well, such as the ENATE Art Scholarship, targeted towards professional artists, or the creation of the first art accelerator in Aragon, A3RTE.

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