Winery and museum

In 1992, ENATE started a contemporary art collection with works of both national and international artists. Since then, each one of our wines is associated with a prestigious artist, and the label shows a work of his authorship made exclusively for the winery. Antonio Saura was the first artist to dress one of our bottles, the ENATE Barrel Fermented Chardonnay. To enter ENATE is to enter the world of art.

Permanent Art Gallery

With more than 400 originals, our private collection has become one of the most important contemporary art galleries in Spain, unique for the direct connection between art and ENATE wines. Names such as Antoni Tapiés, Eduardo Chillida, Rafael Canogar, Antonio Saura, José Manuel Broto, Víctor Mira, Pepe Cerdá, Salvador Victoria, José Beulas, Gustavo Torner, Federic Amat or Eduardo Arroyo, among many others, are part of the group of artists that have collaborated with ENATE, and can be enjoyed in the winery’s art gallery all year round.


Art extends through the winery’s building. Designed by the renowned architect from Madrid, Jesús Manzanares, it was concieved as a new step towards creativity, the physical bridge between the art of the vineyard and the art of man. In it, the concept of “surprise” is applied to the point that, under the industrial structures, a whole world of sensations is hidden by tunnels, spaces defined by zenithal lights and pleasant, warm materials, capable of trasferring the intense luminosity of Somontano.

ENATE Scholarship

With the objective of supporting non-established artists with a proven career, in 1997, the ENATE Scholarship was born, being held every two years. Since then, a total of ten artists have received grants. Eva Armisén, Patricia Albajar, Mapi Rivera, Andrés Begue, Ángel Masip, Alfonso Ascunce, Gema Rupérez, Viviana Guasch, Charo Carrera and Jorge Fin (winner of the last edition) are now part of the winery´s art collection.

A national and international scholarship through which ENATE continues to show its commitment to art and culture, and that has resulted in nine temprary exhibits in the winery’s Art Gallery. Throughout these years, the ENATE Scholarship has had a prestigious jury made up of different outstanding representatives of the art world such as Fernando Castro Flórez, savant and art critic of ABC, also the artists Pepe Cerdá Escar, Alberto Martín GIraldo or Fernado Alvita Banzo, also vice-president of the Royal Academy of Noble and Fine Arts of San Luis, Zaragoza.

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