Quality begins in the vineyard

At ENATE, art is understood beyond the winery, when it reaches its elemental meaning:
the land. It is there, where they grow perfectly integrated in their environment that ENATE’s vineyards offer a canvas-like support, painting the colors of Somontano throughout the entire vegetative cycle. A delight for the senses that we transfer with care and delicacy to all our wines, respecting the privileged environment of these lands at the foot of the Pyrenees.

a unique terroir

Having a continental Mediterranean climate and scarce annual rainfall, the land of Somontano is characterized by limestone and rocky soils, with the presence of gypsum in some cases, and a sandy loam texture. Also, the significant temperature difference between day and night during summer contributes to a slow, optimal ripening of the grapes. Therefore, a climate of contrasts, soils with sandy-loam textures of exceptional quality and pure meltwater from the Pyrenees make Somontano a unique environment for viticulture.

In these lands, ENATE’s viticulture team grows six varieties of grapes, four red and two white, with the goal of transmitting the unique personality of each one of them, giving rise to great wines, with an outstanding aging potential.



Located in several plots across three large valleys, ENATE’s vineyards are grouped into four zones: Enate I, Enate II (Cregenzán and Alcanetos) and Salas; so we are dealing with very different soils, with altitudes ranging from 400 to 700 meters. Compared to the more limestone and gypsum soils of the south, we find sandier, clayey soils in the ravines, and stony soils to the north. The vineyards where the best expression of these varieties is achieved are: Bachimaña, Las Valles, Planacor, Valle de Enate, Torrefierro and Alcanetos.


Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah


Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer

High quality
sustainable viticulture

At ENATE, we understand that the quality of our wines starts in the land, in the vineyards. We own 450 hectares of vineyards that allow us to control and guarantee the utmost quality of our grapes and vineyards. A high quality viticulture based on low yields per hectare, maximum respect for the environment, through techniques and products of organic cultivation, precision wine making and excellence in the harvest. To guarantee this commitment, we submit each stage of creation to the most rigorous control. Because excellence is never the product of chance.

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