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Quality from the vineyardQuality from the vineyard

At ENATE, we understand that the quality of our wines begins with the land, in the vineyard. We have 450 hectares of our own vineyards, allowing us to control and guarantee the quality of our grapes and vines as far as possible. This high-quality vine-growing is based on four essential points.

  1. Low production per hectare: ENATE’s yield per hectare is below the limits established by the Governing Council of the Somontano Designation of Origin. This allows us to ensure balanced vegetation on the vines for better quality grapes.
  2. Maximum respect for the environment: we do not use herbicides or synthetic chemical products against pests or disease. Instead we carry out preventive treatments with natural products. The fertiliser for the soil is exclusively organic, with manure.
  3. Precision vine-growing: we meticulously control various aspects related to the vineyards:
    • Preparation and (laser) planting of new vineyards.
    • Monitoring the weather and the soil moisture
    • Use of geographical information systems and GPS, as well as satellite images since 2006.
  4. Excellence in the grape harvest: thanks to intensive monitoring of the ripening of the grapes, the best possible dates and times for each kind of wine are chosen for the harvest. In this way, we ensure that the grapes are as healthy as possible, with a complete absence of vine shoots and leaves. They are transported with maximum care in stainless steel trailers and in a short time – always less than an hour – to prevent damaging the bunches and the grapes.

At Enate, quality and environmental friendliness are two basic pillars of our identity. To guarantee this commitment, we subject each stage of the creation process to the strictest controls, because excellence never comes about by chance.

Our certification includes the following:

CERTIFICADOS ISO ING 90012008; 140012004;220002005 CERTIFICADOS ISO ESP 14001;9001;22000

CERTIFICADOS ISO ING 90012008; 140012004;220002005