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Enate’s vineyardsEnate’s vineyards

The art making up Enate’s excellent picture gallery is understood beyond the winery until its essential meaning is reached: the earth itself. As they grow, perfectly integrated into their physical surroundings, Enate’s vineyards offer a substrate similar to canvas. The crop cycle of the vine and the grape, from budding to harvest, creates the colours of Somontano. Green, reddish, purple, ochre and yellowish shades: a delight for the senses which we transfer with care and attention into all our wines.

All Enate’s plots are in municipalities belonging to the D.O. Somontano in the province of Huesca.  Somontano’s special conditions mean it is an excellent place for vine-growing, due to:

The plots are grouped in three large valleys in the area of Barbastro, Salas Bajas and Enate:

We work with the following grape varieties from these vineyards: